Our Story

We first came across Lost Places during a short film shooting in an abandoned industrial building back in 2006.
From that point there was something in our heads we couldn’t get rid of anymore.
We were somehow fascinated by these places so we started to search for similar locations for our shoots.
Photography at that point was just one of our side projects.

Later, we found a hidden love for creating images of these forgotten places, which gives us peace of mind
and an idea of what the world would be like without people when nature takes over.
Urban Exploration Photography became our passion.

Today we’re spending most of our spare time exploring abandoned places and back home editing pictures,
searching for new locations and planning our next trip straight away.
We are keen on exploring the remotest corners and we haven’t even started yet.
Because there is so much more to discover…

Our Photography

You may have wondered why there are mainly panoramic pictures on our website.
We took landscape and architecture panoramas from time to time before,
but to be honest, our first intention when we started Urban Exploration Photography was not to take panoramas.

However, we have soon realized that most of the locations we visit “deserve” a panoramic shot,
or in simple words, the locations did not fit in with the picture format.

Nevertheless, you will also find a gallery with selected single shots on our page.

Shutter Counts
Broken Bones
Angry Watchdogs
Security Guards
Nosy Neighbours
graceful decay team crew member shot

Take nothing but pictures – leave nothing but footprints

The codex of Urban Exploration – and we’re serious about it.
In order to safeguard the locations from damage and vandalism we will not give out any information on the visited spots.
We hope you understand.